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Chambres d'Hôtes à Bordeaux - Tarifs

Nathalie, the property owner, will be happy to welcome you and advise you throughout your stay with her, to make your Bordeaux getaway a memorable one.

Room Sable

Superieur room – 18m2

A large, comfortable room complete with desk. Decorated in shades of ivory, beige and wood, this room mixes old with the modern for your comfort. The fabrics and curtains give a warm, delightful ambiance, with the play of light doing the rest.

Chambres d'Hôtes à Bordeaux - Chambre Sable
Chambres d'Hôtes à Bordeaux - Chambre Perle

Room Perle

Superieur room – 18m2

In shades of gray and slate, this room will charm you with its’ relaxed atmosphere, the combinination of exposed stone walls, wooden floors and metallic coloured fabrics gives it a contemporary twist.

Room Opalin

Standard room – 15m2

Decorated in light gray and white hues, this room is a gem of serenity. With its’ modern appearance it will envelop you in its’ “très ouatée” atmosphere.

Chambres d'Hôtes à Bordeaux - Chambre Opalin
Chambres d'Hôtes à Bordeaux - Chambre Garance

Room Garance

Standard room – 15m2

A lovely room, the dominant red hues throughout create a very warm atmosphere. Discover the ambiance of this room at sunset or under subdued lighting; you will enjoy the quietness and character.

Concerning Breakfast

Breakfasts are served from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Breakfast is continental

  • Fresh products (bread, pastries…)

  • Homemade jams

  • Seasonal fruit / fruit juice

  • Dairy / Cheese

Prevent allegies: gluten, lactose… I will adapt the breakfast accordingly

Chambres d'Hôtes à Bordeaux - Petit Déjeuner