Bordeaux, wine and gastronomy

Bordeaux “the world capital of wine” has the largest vineyard in France , is the richest in appellations of origin, and its’ classic Grand Cru is the envy of gourmets worldwide.

Come and discover through various wine routes, the whole history, heritage and natural wealth of the region and during the visit of the wine farms share some true moments of conviviality. 

Bordeaux will also seduce you with its’ local gastronomy:

  • Cannelés (pastry), Bouchon de Bordeaux (almond biscuits), divine Macaroons
  • Confit (meat cooked and preserved in own fat) and foie gras (a must)
  • Le grenier médocain (cold meat),  oysters from the Basin of Arcachon , lamprey (sort of fish)

The art of the table is a way of life!

Bordeaux Place de la Bourse
Bordeaux Girondins
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